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We are a dynamic and ambitious team committed to advancing drone inspection technology in the renewable energy sector

Our mission

At SkyVisor, our mission is to unlock the full potential of your renewable energy assets through comprehensive in-house inspections. We believe in the power of digitalization, standardization, and automation. By simplifying inspections and providing unparalleled support every step of the way, we ensure that your assets operate at peak efficiency. Together, we are revolutionizing your future inspections, making them simpler and more efficient than ever before!

Our team of experts

Meet our dedicated team committed to delivering innovative solutions

Paul Fontaine

Founder & CEO

Fabien Sauvage

Co-founder & CTO

Solenn Maillard

Data Scientist

Gaël Moigne

Full Stack Developer

Chaz Lenfant

Operations Manager

Pierre Leroy

Lead Developer

Hannariin Lamp

Marketing Manager

Louis Augé

Sales Manager

Clément Jameau

Data Scientist

Ziyad Amar

Business Developer

Margot de Villiers

Full Stack Developer

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Our story

SkyVisor’s journey started in 2018 when Paul, a drone technology enthusiast, founded the company with a vision to improve renewable energy efficiency through drone technology. Fabien, an engineer, joined as CTO, and together they set out to revolutionize drone inspection technology for the wind and solar industry, expanding their focus to include advanced asset management solutions.

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  • 55 Rue de Toqueville
    75017 Paris

  • 1 place maréchal Juin
    35000 Rennes

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